Month: March 2019

How to vote if you don’t have a Voter ID card; check alternatives here to vote in Lok Sabha elections 2019

New Delhi: The Lok Sabha elections 2019 are around the corner and voters who don’t have a Voter’s ID card can still cast their votes. Voters will have to submit alternative documents issued by the union government, state government, public limited companies, passbooks issued by banks or post office etc. There are 10

Police releases this WhatsApp number to report objectionable content on social media

Ahead of Lok Sabha elections 2019, the police-administration has started preparing itself with the political parties. In order to monitor any kind of objectionable content on social media during elections, Uttar Pradesh Police Headquarters has constituted Social Media Complaint Cell. According to reports, WhatsApp number 9792101616 has been issued by DGP Headquarters.