SBI account holder? Alert! You can lose money, never do this

SBI account holder? Alert! You can lose money, never do this

Are you a SBI account holder? Well, if you are, then consider this as a warning and never do this thing or you can lose your money! India’s largest bank, State Bank of India (SBI), has issued an alert to its account holders about avoiding online fraud. So many people have lost a lot of money to online fraud and since the danger is increasing, a warning was very much in order. Public sector bank SBI has asked its customers to stay away from fake social media accounts, to keep their money safe, urging them to immediately unfollow the social media accounts that they have subscribed. Notably, SBI has as many as 42 million subscribers to whom it has stated that all the social media accounts of the bank have been  validated and therefore, they should follow merely the official accounts. The fake accounts manage to convince people about themselves and many innocent ones lose their money.

How to Identify Fake Accounts?

Through a tweet, the SBI has stated that before tagging any officer or the bank from your social media account, customers must be ensure that the account is verified. Do not tag the wrong account or official for any kind of complaint or information. It further asked the customers that firstly, they should always check the verified sign.

SBI has said that fake accounts are being created continuously on the social media platform. Therefore, customers should check which is the official account, and then check the Verify sign before sharing any kind of information and financial transactions.

It also informed its customers about the bank’s verified accounts on social media platforms:

1. Facebook: @StateBankOfIndia
2. Instagram: @theofficialsbi
3. Twitter: @TheOfficialSBi
4. LinkedIn: State Bank of India (SBI)
5. Google +: State Bank of India
6. YouTube: State Bank of India
7. Quora: State Bank of India (SBI)
8. Pinterest: State Bank Of India

SBI Helpline number

Further, SBI has also stated that it is necessary to remain vigilant to avoid any kind of online fraud. If any such incident occured with you or you notice any unauthorized online transactions then you must contact the bank on its toll free numbers: 1800112211 and 18004253800, besides registering your complaint.

Source:- zeebiz